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Abstract Art You Can Wear

01  general info

In addition to my paintings, I also create a line of jewelry. 
Each piece is it's own work of original abstract art, and they are very much one-of-a-kind. Since these pendants are so unique, they get noticed, and you will be amazed by how many compliments you get!
These miniature abstract paintings are created with the same materials that I use in my larger paintings, then covered with a special, crystal clear, thick glass. Some pendants are in a metal frame called a pendant tray, while others are "unframed"; these have black on the back and signed with CSD..

The pendants come in a variety of shapes, and many of them are paired with matching earrings to make incredible looking sets. These comfortable, lightweight earrings have been created right alongside the pendants, so they look perfect together.

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02  retail stores / Atlanta area

Currently these are not being sold in any retail location.

03  direct purchase 

Due to a variety of factors (namely the volume of inventory + time!) I cannot maintain an online shop at this time.  However, I would be happy to assist you directly with a purchase! 



1- Visit my booth at one of locations listed under "Holiday Shows."  (November & December only.)


2- Make an appointment directly with me.  I am in Roswell, GA. Use the contact form. 


3- Remote purchase.  Just let me know the color and shape you are most interested in, and I will email or text you photos of what I have.  Chains come in a variety of lengths, and I will recommend the style I think works best with your chosen pendant, or select from popular options below. 


Payment:  Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, or cash.


Shipping:  USPS Priority Mail (+$10).


Gift Boxes: I have nice gift boxes (+$2) with beautiful ribbon and can send it

directly to the recipient with a note enclosed for you, if you'd like.

CSD boxes.jpg

04 prices

Large Square, Circle, Rectangle or Oval Necklace :  $49

(pendant + a chain of your choice)

Large Square, Circle, Rectangle or Oval Set :  $75

(pendant + matching earrings + a chain of your choice)

Mini-Square Necklace :  $30  (soon to be discontinued)  

(pendant + a chain of your choice)

Mini-Square Set :  $55

(pendant + matching earrings + a chain of your choice)


Pair of earrings : $30

Additional chains vary, depending on style, length, material.


05 details, details

 jewelry backs.jpg

Dimensions :   with black finish on back   //  in a pendant tray


Circles:    1-1/2"W diameter;  1-7/8" total H with bail  //  1-1/2"W diameter;  1-7/8" total H with bail

Large Squares:   1-3/8"W x 1-3/8"H;  1-3/4" total H with bail   //  1-1/2"W x 1-1/2"H;  1-3/4" total H with bail

Rectangles:   1"w x 1-3/8"H;  1-3/4" total H with bail.  //  1-1/8"W x 1-1/2"H;  1-7/8" total H with bail.

Ovals:   1-1/8"W x 1-1/2" H;  2" total H with bail  //  1-1/4"W x 1-5/8 H;  2" total H with bail 

Earrings:    1-5/8"W diameter;  about 1-1/4"H from the base to the top of the curve

When you order through me, I will be happy to recommend a chain that works beautifully, or you may pick one of these  popular styles and lengths. I usually have them all in stock.

My retails stores have also been given many extra chains to offer as options.

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